From Forget Me Nots to Carnations

Get a Grip


I love the post office.

Out here in a small, rural town on the West Coast with family all on the east coast, being able to send my grandchildren a card for 44 cents and know that it will arrive consistently in 2-4 days is wonderful.  And though many people don’t bother to write anymore, with text and emails the norm, receiving a card or letter from a loved one is always warm and fuzzy.

Because I’m somewhat of a nerd,  after I had mailed my letters today, I binged the post office to pull up the article on Wikipedia. The temperature of American politics lately always puts a damper on people’s perception of any government agency and so the post office is getting their fair share of criticism. After reading the article, I browsed through the discussion section and, as usual, wondered how two people can live in the exact same country and have such entirely different perspectives.

For the record, out of my twenty-six moves and all the many, many letters, cards and packages I have sent through the post office, only one was ever misplaced. All the rest have gotten to their destination and usually much quicker than I had anticipated. The fact that no matter where I live, or how remote, this option is available to me is fantastic. I am very grateful that my government had enough sense and concern for the well being of its citizens to insure that in 2011 I  could still mail my mom a letter and not have to worry about which corporate board member didn’t think my letter was worth their bottom dollar.

I love the Post Office.  Just sayin’