Atoning Can Be Fun

2011-03-31 charity 002I was talking with my sister yesterday and telling her about some of the crafty stuff I was working on for the various charities. In jest, I told her I was atoning for all my past bitchiness. She, being the lovely but deluded little sister o’ mine, told me how sweet I was and she couldn’t imagine me being a miserable sot who stepped on the backs of others to meet my goals.  I assured her that I have been known to be less than charitable in my younger and more self centered years. She then remembered the wasp incident when I was five or so and basically trampled my little brother while tryng to get away from a swarm of angry wasps.  I managed to reach the safety of the porch while he got stung by 14 wasps. I am so very glad he was not allergic to them and managed to forgive his flight not fight type sister. I thanked her for reminding me and told 2011-03-31 charity 003her I have now added another hat to my list. And just a by the way, please do not block my exit when there is something that is going to bite, sting, or try to injure me.  Wish I was more evolved than that but there it is.

I found out that there are over 7000 homeless people in Charlotte, NC.  Over 3000 of them are children. If you are as shocked by this figure as I am and would like to help, the hats I am creating are going to a lovely group of seniors at the Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church. They have been trying to address this appalling need for three years. They will accept your hand knitted or crocheted hats all year long in sizes for men, women and children.  If you’d like to help, you can send your hats to:

Ann Alexander, Senior Nutrition Program
Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
1915 Oakdale Rd
Charlotte, NC 28216

My latest favorite knitted hat shown in the pics above is from a pattern by Stephanie Nicole called A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend. She provides it for free on her blog. This hat is soooo easy to make and very quick to work up. It is very forgiving size wise since it is extremely stretchy. I’ve been able to create a couple of them in addition to a few in some other patterns I’m trying.


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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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