Tangled on the fence

One of my sister’s once observed that I never finish a project.  Not really true but to casual observers it would appear that way. With me, boredom sets in so quickly I’m always grabbing onto to something else. I’ve found the best solution to that dilemma is to juggle.

My current concentration is on knitting and crochet with four projects in the works: a crocheted snuggle for The Snuggles Project, a knitted basket weave baby blanket for Project Linus, a knitted slouchy hat for me (yes…really!) and a knitted ribbed hat for the Charlotte Pleasant Grove Methodist church’s Hats for Homeless project. I haven’t forgotten my embroidery/sewing yen either.  I’m doing a set of embroidered handkerchiefs (request from a friend),  the new mystery quilt from The Quilter’s Garden and a new set of kitchen curtains I’m planning to make (note the word planning….that means material has been bought but hasn’t been cut out yet). While alternating between those things, I occasionally start a little swatch just to try out a new technique (like cable stitches, free form embroidery or grafting a sock heel).

Things do get finished; they just take a little longer for me than most. My general rule: If it takes me longer than a year to make it…it’s mine.

To add to the juggling, when things start to warm up and there is more sunshine than rain, the gardening bug kicks in.  The interest in this generally dies by mid-July which unfortunately doesn’t give me much time here in the Pacific Northwest.  This year my gardening interest may never kick in.  Why? I’m wondering if it will even warm up by July.  Snow yesterday?  You’ve got to be kidding! And no, that is not normal for around here.

So, excuse me while I stoke the wood burning stove, grab my little portable knitting project and keep idle hands busy.


About Charlene

A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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One Response to Tangled on the fence

  1. Wow! So great that you use your knitting time for such a good cause. Love the pattern too.


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