What would I do for 60o F

I am so cold right now my fingers won’t move. How cold is it, you ask (because I know you just did)? 47o F outside and probably a tad colder inside.  In mid April, for God’s sake!!  I was determined not to start another fire in the wood burning stove we use to heat this house but I give up.  Spring has not sprung here. Every time it looks like we’re going to get some decent spring weather, another cold snap heads in from the Northwest. Okay, enough whining. Had to get that out of my system.

On the brighter side, we went to the Mariner’s game last night.  I love Safeco field in Seattle and chilly or not, win or lose, going to a Mariner’s game always makes me happy. Of course I’d rather they win and last night they did. Pineda’s pitching was wonderful.  I’m looking forward to seeing him pitch more this season. Figgins was out (there is a God) with Luis Rodriquez in his place (yea!). I guess you can tell I’m not a real big fan of Chone Figgins. Blame it on my very idealized view of baseball. It is a team sport and I want baseball players to know that and act like it: love the sport, be consistent, work hard, support the team and be a good example for the kiddies.  Yes, I know I’m a dreamer but there it is. Rodriquez seemed to fill in quite nicely making me a very happy camper.

I took my knitting along with me and was able to work on a new snuggle.   Another nice thing about baseball. It is a very relaxing sport.  We were sitting about 8 rows back behind the visitors dugout so Mike had to watch for fouls (It is his job, you know; being beaned on the head is not my idea of a good time) while I glanced up and down between my knitting and the game.  This snuggle is in the most beautiful turquoise color.  I’m working out a new pattern and when I finish it, I’ll post it here.  It is so very easy.

Hey, the sun’s now trying to break through the fog and I just found out I’m going to be able to go to the Stitch n Pitch in July. Could it get any better?


About Charlene

A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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