Lazy Girl Tube Snuggle Pattern


2011-04-17 craftcritter 001This snuggle pattern creates a doubled layer 14 x 14 pet bedding pad with a stockinette stitch center and a ribbed border.  It starts as a tube which is then folded flat and sewn or crocheted at the top and bottom. It has three things I really like.

-Since it’s knitted in the round and a great deal of it is stockinette stitch, it is mostly done with knitting and not pearling.
-Because you are knitting a tube, doubling your yarn as you knit is not needed.
-The folding of the yarn tube creates an air pocket between the layers, much like a thermal blanket.

There is not a “correct” gauge for this project but you do need to know what your stitch gauge is in order to figure out how many stitches to cast on for the finished size you want. Row height doesn’t matter at all since you will be knitting according to inches and not rows.

Here is how I calculated my cast on for this project:
I knit 15 stitches in 4″ of stockinette stitch with Red Heart Yarn and a size 10 needle. That comes to 3.75 stitches per inch.
Since I am going for a 14 x 14″ snuggle, I multiply the 3.75 * 14 and come up with 52.5
I’m making a tube here so I double this to get 105. That’s how many stitches I’ll cast on my needle and is what is given in the following instructions.

Use your own gauge to determine what you need or go up or down needle sizes until your gauge matches mine.

Yarn used: Red Heart Super Saver yarn (this took about 2/3 of the skein of yarn)
Needle: Size 10, 32″ circular needle

CO – Cast on
st – stitch
pm – place marker
k – knit
p – pearl

CO 10 stitches and pm (end of 1st border).
CO 42 stitches and pm (start of 2nd border)
CO 11 more stitches and pm (end of 2nd border)
CO 42 stitches and pm (end of round – I use a different colored marker for this one so I know it’s the end of round but that’s just me)

Join in the round taking care not to twist the stitches.

Bottom Border

Round 1: Ignoring the border markers K2 P2 until 1 st before Round marker. K1
Repeat Round 1 for 2″


Round 1-2: Pearl to first marker. Knit to 2nd marker. Pearl to 3rd marker. K to end of round
Round 3-4: Knit
Repeat Round 1-4 for 10″

Top Border
Round 1: Ignoring the border markers K2 P2 until 1 st before Round marker. K1
Repeat Round 1 for 2″
Bind off

Fold the tube in half matching the two open ends of the tube to form a ribbed border at top and bottom and the ribbed side borders are equal.

With wrong sides together, whip stitch the open bottom edge closed.
Use a running stitch to run up the sides right between the border and the st st body (This not only further defines the border section but also increases the thermal aspects and prevents shifting.

Weave in any loose ends

Enjoy!  If any of you decide to try this pattern, I’d love to see your results and hear your comments.

[modified 04/23/11 to add glossary]


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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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4 Responses to Lazy Girl Tube Snuggle Pattern

  1. WOW! Great concept in Dishcloths-I was just fixing to go through my patterns again, for snicks….
    …where’s the LIKE button???? 🙂


  2. Owait…I found the LIKE button, and this isn’t a dishcloth. DOH!

    re: CO 10 stitches and pm (end of 1st border). What is meant by “pm” please?
    I have tons of RH SS here, ready to rock 😀


  3. charlene says:

    Oh sorry…I should have put a glossary on the pattern. will edit and add that. (I’m new at writing patterns). pm is place marker. Thanks for commenting!


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