Like a child’s temper tantrum

2011-04-10 craftcritter 001It’s amazing that my last entry was on child proofing and I’m having a bigger problem with one of dogs than I ever did with my child or grandchild.  Molly has developed “issues” (like she didn’t already have enough of those)

It seems that Molly does not like us to leave the house.  When we do, she proceeds to shred any paper she can reach. It started with Kleenex from the garbage can or a paper towel left on a table.  It has progressed to anything not tied down: several of my crochet/knitting booklets, a cardboard tube containing several yards of pearl cotton, my Zune headphones, yarn from my yarn basket…I’m at my wit’s end.

Since she has advanced past mere paper, the possibilities horrified me.  I can not figure out why she started doing this or how to stop her. I do have to leave the house occasionally and currently must go on a “what can Molly chew up” patrol before I leave.  Even when I do that, like last night, she finds something else to destroy.  I would rather not shut her outside, muzzle her, kennel her or cone her when we leave but, for her own safety, she is really leaving me no alternative.

She knows she’s doing something wrong.  Normally when I come home, she runs right up to me, tail wagging unless she has been on my bed (not allowed) or destroyed something.  Then she doesn’t come to the door and I have to find her. Sheesh.

Anyone know any good dog psychology?


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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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4 Responses to Like a child’s temper tantrum

  1. Tracy says:

    That’s horrible Charlene! Sounds like you need a Dog Whisperer! I bet there is a website…. Good luck!


  2. Charlene says:

    Thanks, Tracy. Tonight I had her out in the garage (she had a nice fouton to lay on) while we went to the Mariner’s game. Not ideal but at least she has Max to keep her company.


  3. eloahjames says:

    We had a similar problem with 2 of our dogs. Wooden blinds, leather purse straps, you name it. For dog A, the solution was putting him in the kennel a few times when we were gone for a short period. Not my favorite thing, either, but it worked. The next time we left him out, he didn’t touch anything except his chew toys. For dog B, though, we finally had to keep him in the back yard or garage (weather-dependent) until he outgrew the phase (we tried that first with dog A and he just ate the rose and hot pepper bushes, complete with hot peppers and thorns) coz the kennel just made him more unhappy and more likely to destroy.


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