Whoo Hoo, Look at Me

2011-04-26 whoohoo 004Well, with all that rain yesterday I was able to finish up my basket weave Linus project baby blanket.  I still need to block it and weave in some threads but all the knitting is done. The finished size ended up 36 x 36. When I talked to Mom she told me she had finished two blankets. My word!  She started when I was halfway through this blanket and she’s already finished two blankets?  Not that it’s a competition or anything but obviously I need to get it in gear.

2011-04-26 whoohoo 002Of course, I am now trying the socks again. I’m using the Magic Loop method via Very Pink’s pattern and videos. I tried it before and it didn’t catch somehow but I really do think I’ve got it this time.  Perhaps I just needed to knit a little more and play with the Magic Loop a little more until I had a better feel for knitting.

I love knitting socks even though I’ve only gotten the cuff done so far.  I can see why sock knitters have such a passion for it.  It’s small, very portable and sock yarn comes in the most fabulous materials and colors. Plus there are so many sock patterns out there, you can really customize your socks to fit your needs or fancy. If I can get this sock done, I believe I’m going to have a new addiction.

2011-04-26 whoohoo 001On the how-to front, I learned to knit cables this morning. I have been wanting to learn how to do that because it adds such a nice look to the project.  I used the instructions on page 27 of Leisure Arts, The All New Teach Yourself to Knit by Evie Rosen. I liked the instructions in this book, not only for the cables but for buttonholes, seaming and a number of other things I found confusing.  Anyway, now that I can cable, I’m going to start adding them to the hats, the snuggles, the Linus baby blankets and of course, socks.

Oh, and before I forget. I learned on Ravelry yesterday that you can block acrylics. I had always just thrown them in the washer and dryer. If really softens the yarns but it did not do much for blocking it to a particular shape.  In waltzes Beadknitter with wonderful instructions, examples and comments on how to do just that.  You can find it on her blog at: How to Block Acrylic.

Okay, back to the socks.


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