Sock Saga, Cuff down

Well, I did it.  Finally learned how to knit a pair of socks and didn’t break anything in the 2011-04-27 socks 004process. It did take several tries and there was a bit of uncertainty but I’m so pleased I was able to do this I could do the happy dance.

I knit them via the Magic Loop method, infinitely preferable to dpns (double pointed needles) which made me feel like I was wrangling a porcupine. I know that some knitters swear by them and I guess when I become a better knitter, they will feel more comfortable in my hands. I’m not giving up on them, I just didn’t want to go through the frustration of learning how to knit a sock at the same time I was going through the frustration of learning to use dpns.

2011-04-26 socks 001

There’s also the two circular needles method which I can do but find unwieldy, two needle ends flopping in the breeze, and the traveling loop method which I think I’ve done by happy accident while trying to knit a hat’s crown before transferring over to dpns.

In other words there are multiple ways to knit a sock and I suppose it just depends on what you personally are comfortable with.

2011-04-27 socks 002

When my sock actually started to look like a sock it was quite exciting.  Visions of multi-colored self striping sock yarns popped into my head: Sock yarns in my team’s colors, sock yarns in psychedelic swirls, lacy socks, beaded socks and socks in college colors. Ooo la la, the possibilities are endless. You can find the details on my sock d’ jour on my project page at Ravelry.

Speaking of Ravelry, is you are a knitter or a crocheter or even a spinner/weaver, Ravelry is a very cool site to join. It is free, friendly and so full of resources I’m constantly amazed. It is a great way to hook up with people in your area that share your yarnish passions too. There are groups for various yarn stores, causes, skill levels and interests. You name it, there is probably a group for it with people just waiting to share their knowledge, tips or questions. Anyhoo, obviously I am a fan.

I’m still learning and my next socks will be better but for now, I’m a happy camper.


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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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2 Responses to Sock Saga, Cuff down

  1. Isn’t it cool when you figure something like that out? After I figured out Magic Loop I realized the endless possibilities like doing both arms for a sweater at the same time, doing both fingerless mitts at the same time. Also, if I don’t have the right size dpn’s for I do the crown of a hat in this method as well. I love it even though I will never completely give up my dpn’s.

    Love your socks!


  2. charlene says:

    Thanks! (beaming and grinning like a kid) lol


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