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Ann Alexander: Charity Knitting and Crochet in Charlotte, NC


Though I’ve been knitting and crocheting hats for Ann’s group for a while now, I thought I’d get her to answer a few questions, hopefully to give you more information about this wonderful group of women and the charity they provide, particularly with aid to the homeless, in Charlotte, NC.

Ann’s answers are in bold.

1. What is the actual name given to the charity knitting circle?  Knifty Knitters Club of Senior Citizens Nutrition Program

2. When and how did this project come about? In October 2009, I had an idea. I was looking for something fun and different for the seniors to do during their lunch visits to the Pleasant Grove Senior Citizens Nutrition Center. I am the site coordinator, at Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church (PGUMC). I purchased a knitting loom and showed the seniors how to knit. Etheleen Babb, one of the participants in SCNP, picked it up in just a few minutes and was immediately “hooked.” The following day she arrived at the center with looms and yarn she purchased and started knitting her first hat. Now, she can knit a hat in five hours or less, depending on the size hat.

3. What inspired your group to take on the hats project? Etheleen Babb’s newfound passion and other SCNP participants formed the Pleasant Grove SCNP Knifty Knitters.

4. Is your group trying to reach a specific group? Everything goes to the less fortunate, including homeless men, women and children. The object is to keep everyone warm while sharing something you enjoy doing.

5.  How many people are involved in helping this the hats project? Currently we have 7 knitters participating

6. How many people do you reach with this project? Several thousands of needy individuals have been reached through this program. We have donated them to “Room in the Inn” and Crisis Assistance Ministries in Charlotte, NC.

7.  Does your group accept any items other than hats? We welcome yarn, knitting looms, as well as finished scarves, shawls, gloves, and socks. Monetary gifts are appreciated, make checks to Pleasant Grove Senior Citizens Nutrition Program (add SCNP Knifty Knitters in the memo field).

8.  What is the actual name of the group that sponsors this effort? Pleasant Grove Senior Citizens Nutrition Program

9.  What can people do to help? Donations are welcome. These may be sent to:

Attention: Ann Alexander
c/o Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
Pleasant Grove Senior Citizens Nutrition Program
1915 Oakdale Road
Charlotte, NC 28216.

If you have a few hours, waiting at the bus stop, doctor’s office, pharmacy, and so forth, please give your hands something to do and knit or crochet a little hat or scarf.  It can be for children, men or women as they provide for all of these ages and genders.  It should be easily washable and preferably non-allergenic (cotton, acrylic, bamboo, etc.)  Just finish it off, stick it in the mail and feel good about helping someone.