From Forget Me Nots to Carnations

A new Knit-along


One of the blogs I follow is Stella*MHorses. She has started a Knit-along with a great free pattern from Red Heart. It’s a cuff to cuff short sleeve cardigan, almost a vest. I chose to use James C Brett Marble since I liked how it worked with the first cuff to cuff sweater I did. The color I chose is MT9, a maroon shade with shots of pink, green, white and purple blended in the variations.

I actually did a swatch to test my gauge, something I’m not really good about doing but am glad I did in this case.  I originally chose a size 10 needle but found via the swatch that I needed size 9 needles. It’s what the pattern calls for but the marble is a little lighter yarn than the Red Heart is. I’m glad I actually followed instructions for once.

I’m doing the project up on my ravelry page if you wish to follow the project notes. But I’ll be posting pics along the way here too.

Just prior to this, I was able to mail off a few things.  A first try at 2 color stranding in a Buffalo Bills hat for my niece and about 16 hats for the homeless charity I knit for.  Back to knitting!