cuff to cuff cardigan progress

In cuff to cuff knitting you are basically working a sweater in one piece, flat, from one sleeve edge to the opposite sleeve edge.  If you took a cardigan sweater and cut up the seam line on the left side, under the arm and down the sleeve and then did the same for the other side, you’d end up with the shape you knit in a cuff-to-cuff cardigan.

I start with the edge of the left sleeve, working the sleeve flat up to the shoulder.  When I reach the shoulder, I cast on stitches for the left front and back WP_000503of the sweater.  Still working flat, I continue working the left shoulder, back and front as one piece until reaching the neck. The left front stitches (forming the center button line) are bound off and I work the neck and back in one piece.

That’s what this first picture shows: The edge of the left sleeve is on the far left, the cast on stitches for the left front are going off toward the top of the picture, the back of the cardigan is at the bottom of the picture, and you can just see where I’m starting the neck.

When you work the back neck stitches you are working the WP_000504neck and the back until you’ve knit enough to go around the back of the neck.  That’s what the second picture is showing.  The only stitches on the circular needle are the neck and back stitches and I’m working from the left side of the neck to the right side of the neck. The tiny curve you see in the center of the picture is where the neck was forming.

Once I knit that neck edge for about 7” (at least for me), I’ll work just like I did on the first half of the sweater in reverse.  (working from the center front over the right shoulder to the right sleeve edge.)

I’ve already cast on the stitches for the right front and am working the front, shoulder and back flat until I reach the right sleeve. At that point, I’ll bind off both the front and the back, working only the sleeve from shoulder to edge.

The only problems I’m having with this is my usual counting stitches.  When I cast on for the front and back sections, I have to bind off the same number of stitches and I have a terrible time counting stitches.  Not sure why but there it is.


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