Rest for the Wicked

WP_000524I’ve been pretty busy since my last post: knitting, vacation, surgery…so I never did write about completing my knit-along sweater.  I did finish it and liked it so much I decided to make another as a good friend’s birthday present. I think this is a very good pattern for beginner sweater knitters like me and works up pretty nice for an open vest/cardigan like short sleeve sweater.

The first picture shows the sweater ready for a seed stitch band around the front and neck.  Here I had picked up all the stitches along the front, the back of the neck and then back down the other front side, all on one long circular needle.  The pattern calls for a band about five inches wide of seed stitch and provides a really nice edge along the front of the cardigan.


The second picture shows the completed sweater with the band forming the collar and front sections and two pockets, also done in seed stitch.  Unfortunately, the picture really doesn’t do it justice.  My notes, comments and pictures of the progress can all be found on my Ravelry page. The version 2 of this project is being knit in James C. Brett, Marble Chunky, color MC11 Charcoal (a grey/black variegated). I did another swatch since this yarn is bulkier than the first and dropped my needles size down to accommodate. When I finish this sweater, I think I’m going to try a top down yoked seamless sweater.  It will be a challenge but I would like to try.

My vacation was wonderful but much too short.  One week just isn’t long enough to spend quality time with family and still have time to visit friends.  However, I did get to see all of my immediate family at least once. It’s hard being so far away though.

Surgery recovery is going well.  He removed the pins in my foot since I was having a bad reaction to them and I am hopeful this time it might actually work.  Though I know stilettos are permanently out, (oh, shoot) perhaps I can at least get my foot comfortably into a pair of flats and walk without wincing.  Besides, flats are better for me to wear anyway since the MS is causing a few balance issues.  Me falling would not be a graceful endeavor. Anyhoo, onward and upward.



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