Snow, Knitting and Meds, Oh my

Well, sad to say, I am officially sick of the pretty snow.  We don’t get much snow around snowJan2012here in the Seattle area and when we do, some people become idiots, the news media goes bonkers, the sun vanishes behind a solid wall of gray and my movements become more restricted than usual. I decided to type this now in case we have a power failure like last night.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain with high wind. Hoo boy.  Okay, enough griping about the weather…moving on to health and well being.

It’s been a while since I posted. Since November? Shameful.  Not that I haven’t thought about it, and not that I haven’t been busy. After we returned from our vacation back east, I had foot surgery. Part of the issue he thinks is due to the MS. Your muscles do funny things when you have MS and he blames part of my foot problems on that. Sounds hokey to me, but then MS does do hokey things to your body.

Speaking of which, after my recent eye appointment I was sent back to the specialist. The gist of it is that my retina on my right eye has some swelling (he thinks due to MS) causing a teeny little blind spot just left of center in my right eye. He doesn’t want to treat this with steroids because of the drug cocktail I’m already taking. It’s going to be a wait and see if it gets worse kind of thing. On my left eye, he discovered that I have lesions blocking off some of the capillaries in my eye.  This has caused a small dead zone. He believes that may be due to my MS medication, specifically the interferon. Right now, it does not really seem to affect my vision. If more start to occur, it will affect sight in the left eye. So, it too is being monitored and if it increases, I’ll have to decide what to do about the MS medication.  When I stopped it taking it last time, I ended up with two new lesions on the brain so I’m not sure what we’ll do if the drug is the issue. Ick.  Enough about health…moving on to the fun stuff: knitting.

side to side vest in James Brett marbleDuring my vacation, I had started on another side to side vest only using the James Brett Marble Chunky, which has a more chunky texture than the DK weight I used for the burgundy vest (see previous post).  It turned out a little stiffer and heavier than the first.  It is warm, but I do think I like the drape of the dk better. This would be more like a sweater jacket than a sweater vest. My internal temperature is like a yo-yo and light layers works like a charm for me.

I then taught myself to wool cabled fingerless mittensdo magic loop fingerless mittens via a variety of magazine articles and pictures.  I went nuts designing my own and making them for family. Since smart phones and touch pads require actual touch, fingerless mittens have become rather popular.  They are fun to do and work up quickly. My sisters also received some nice double wrap cushy cowls and a stitch sample vest went to my mother. That vest was simply two rectangles with matching stitch patterns, sewn up the sides for a few inches and sewn across the top at the shoulders.  It is a boat neck design from page 45 of The All New Teach Yourself to Knit by Evie Rosen. Unfortunately, I did not get the pictures of these before shipping them off.

My granddaughter had requested a red and black poncho (she’s five and yes, she wanted red and black.  She has red and black ponchodramatic fashion sense).  So I made my first poncho.  The pattern is VERY easy though there were some alterations required.  The neck worked up very large so I picked up the stitches with crochet to cinch it in a bit and then added a crochet border with fringe on the bottom to match to add a little length. sandys black and variegated purple ponchoThis was so much fun that I made another poncho for my next door neighbor who had been mentioning how much she liked them.  This was from a different pattern called Rainbow poncho found on page 30 of Knit and Crochet Ponchos, Wraps, Capes and Shrugs by Edie Eckman. It required shaping for the shoulders, was knitted in the round and had an offset collar. The picture I took of the black and variegated purple was slightly blurry but I hope you get the gist of it.

I think that brings me up to date.  Between the projects I keep little yarn stash buster projects going, making several snuggles for the shelter animals. Needless to say, I’m obviously having oodles of fun with my knitting and rarely get bored.  Considering the amount of yarn I use up (I’m a yarn shop alcoholic), that’s a very good thing. If you’re interested in charity knitting as a stash buster between projects thing, take a look at my links page and you’ll see the various charities I work with.



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