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I’m in the middle of four knitting projects right now. Why four?  Boredom and the itch to start something new.  I see yarn I want to work with, yarn I’ve had and feel guilty for letting it sit around, a pattern I really want to try, something small to balance a larger project, and so on.  So.  I’m currently making: a tweed and cabled poncho, a lightweight summer vest, a pair of lightweight, gorgeous and super soft socks and a large cotton market bag. It’s nice when you can take what makes life difficult in some instances and turn it into as asset.

The poncho is almost finished and is being knitted in Lion Brand Wool Ease Chestnut Heather.  It is basically a rectangle knitted from the front hem up to where you want a neck placket to start.  You divide for the neck, knit both sides until you reach the back neck, rejoin the division and continue knitting your rectangle.  Except for the cabling, it would be an easy, mindless project. The pattern can be found in the book, “Knit & Crochet Ponchos, Wraps, Capes & Shrugs!” edited by Edie Eckman. It’s the Upcountry Poncho found on page 48.

The vest is from the Knit Scene Summer 2011 magazine. It’s called the Astrolobe Vest on page 84. Again, an easy pattern, basically one piece, all in garter stitch. It has a picked up front band that acts as the front lapels and collar.  I’m using up the James Brett baby yarn I had bought in in a white/light blue/light brown self striping. This is my mindless project and is not even half done.

The socks are being done in Patton’s Kroy socks Copper.  It is a dream to work with in a wool/nylon mix and is a semi mindless project.  I’m not doing anything really fancy because the tweedy effect of this yarn is pretty on it’s on. The pattern is my good old standby two at a time toe-up socks pattern from Liat Gat of  KnitFreedom. I like this pattern. Once I made it a few times, I now only have to look at the pattern twice. It starts at the toe and when I get to wear I start the heel, I look at the pattern to see where to start forming the heel flap and then again to see when to get back to my knitting in the round. Easy peasy. I downloaded the pdf to my Nook and my phone so I always have the pattern with me.  Socks are an easy carry project to knit while waiting in all the lines or offices we have to wait in.  Instead of looking at my watch and griping that they are never going to get to me, I’m more inclined to say…just one more sec, I want to finish these last few stitches.

The last project, which I’ve barely done more than cast on, is a new market cotton tote bag.  This was from a free pattern at Ben Franklins using Lion Brand Recycled Cotton in a medium blue.  I like cotton market bag because I hate using plastic or paper.  I can use these, throw them in the wash and have them come out clean, bacteria free and in good condition. I’ve only knit one previously but I’m planning on switching all the shopping bags over to this plus keeping one in my car for spontaneous shopping excursions.

The thing about my knitting habit is that with MS screwing with my concentration and counting, I pick patterns that only require me using markers and measuring inches, instead of counting rows or stitches. That way I can go to town and not get too frustrated.  If I’m really feeling like challenging myself, I’ll pick something that uses a chart for a lace pattern or cabling pattern but I have to go very slow and easy with that. I also end up ripping out my knitting several times during the project.  Oh well, if you rip out your stitches enough, you’ll have it down pat eventually. I consider it practice.

Pics to follow soon. Fellow knitters, have at it!



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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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