The Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis

A friend of mine writes a wonderful blog called A Stellar Life. A recent post on her blog (titled The Perfect Crime) was humorous and it really shines a light on the frustration and craziness that is MS.

I’ve recently been concerned that my own MS is taking a slow nose dive. The Rebif may be slowing the process but it does not seem to be stopped. My balance lately looks makes me appear drunk (drinking is such a rarity, getting drunk appears  obnoxious, so I know that isn’t it) and I’m back to the cane, even in my house. My vision is blurred and double in my right eye and a little fuzzy in my left. My left hand has started having sporadic tremors again. My legs feel like they’re walking in Wellies through deep mud and also appears stilted. There are sharp spasms in my lower back and neck.  A few other issues I hesitate to bring up in this post.  I so sound like a hypochondriac. Even I have difficulty knowing whether it is MS or something else. A frustrating disease.

I have a complete physical coming up with my GP, a full blood workup, and a vision evaluation by a Neuro-Ophthalmologist .  Those doctors are a rare breed. I’ve also put in a call to my MS doctor to see if he thinks this is a relapse or a progression or something else entirely. I do anticipate a round or two of a steroid infusion though.

Now after all my morose complaints, check out Diane’s article. You will smile and be more informed about MS.


Addendum. I thought this was published but it was sent to drafts…ooops.


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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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