FO: Summer Wind (again!)

There is something about vivid colors in blues, greens and violets that grab me everytime.

Ten Thousand Dancing Stars

A while ago, I was admiring a pair of socks knitted by someone on Ravelry. The colours were just amazing and I wondered how easy it would be to duplicate. I planned to dye a couple of my Squishy base and mixed up a few colours of dyes. As is often the case with my dyeing adventures, I ended up with something different (and still pretty I think!) from what I had set out to do. Thus, the colourway called Riot was born.

A third skein was dyed shortly after to see if I can duplicate the earlier results. I’m happy to say that yes, it is repeatable. Yay! I coveted that third skein and decided I will knit with it to see how the colours stacked up.  Depending on the lengths of each colour section, I think this will pretty much avoid pooling or flashing.

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