I love the old part of towns

Had to be in Issaquah today and it happened to be past lunch time so I drove past the strip malls, the box stores and headed into the historic section of Issaquah. Erin at Fins Bistro - great service!I found this new restaurant and I say that tongue in cheek, since evidently it has been there for twelve years.

The restaurant was Fins Bistro at 301 Front St N, in Issquah WA. They serve brunch, lunch, dinner and happy hour Monday through Sunday. Fins Bistro in Issaquah - Shrimp Gazpacho - Yummy!The service was superb. Erin was friendly, efficient and helpful. I used to waitress eons ago for about ten years and really appreciate a good server. It can sometimes make or break my meal.

Their menu changes so it’s good to go to the web site, but on this day, one of the lunch specials was a shrimp gazpacho. Tirimisu at Fins Bistro. Sinful!It was light, a wonderful consistency, great color and a nice dollop of sour cream topped with chopped spring onion. A wonderful summer lunch. Erin served it with fresh bread and a marvelous greek olive,fish and olive oil tapenade.

I could have stopped there and been quite satisfied, but if you’re in a new restaurant you have to at least look at the desert menu, right? Ahh, my downfall. Tiramisu with home made espresso. How could I pass that up and yes, it was worth every single sinful bite.

If you head into Issaquah, stop by for a taste. It’s worth it.

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A knitting, quilting, crocheting, writing, progressive with a love of rescue animals, off-leash dog parks and a desire to improve my photography.
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