Interesting Gadgets


I know I don’t get out a lot and talking about toilet seat covers is not my usual topic, but I sometimes you just have to be amazed.

Mike and I went to the Snoqualmie Falls Casino to see Procol Harum and YES Monday night, which I thoroughly enjoyed, by the way. Procol Harum did an outstanding job and set the stage well.  When Yes started their set, I discovered the new lead singer for Yes, Jon Davison to be a great fit. I’m very glad they replaced David Benoit who just didn’t seem to “feel” the Yes music at all.

But the concert is not the topic.

So, what is the topic? Sanitary toilet seat covers. The Snoqualmie casino had the most fancy schmancy ones I’ve ever seen.  If I was a wasteful person, I might have just stayed in bathroom waving my hand in front of the green button like a kid with a new toy. Silly, of course. But these were some wild seat covers! Will wonders never cease.


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1 Response to Interesting Gadgets

  1. Dawn Gordon says:

    No, wonders will never cease. We will always be astounded by something new. That does sound neat however. 🙂


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