From Forget Me Nots to Carnations

Spring Cleaning


There are definitely phases in my organizing flurries. Generally when things become  chaotic, it becomes more productive to sort, list and shelve, than spend hours looking for something I know I have. Over the last couple of days, it’s been books and yarn.

I made a rule that I wouldn’t buy new yarn until I’ve used up what I have AND I’d make things from patterns I already own. Considering that numbers literally thousands of patterns, I should be able to match some things up and at least make a dent.

We have a new yarn shop in town, Tolt Yarn & Wool, and I’m dying to buy some local yarn. Fortunately, the shop supports local sheep and alpaca farmers and the spinners of their lovely products. I am further pushing  myself to get this done (the organizing) since I can’t stay out of that lovely shop and so end up with more needles and patterns (which I also don’t need more of) since I won’t buy yarn. To save the purse for luscious things, I must use what I have.

There are five rules I learned many years ago during a particularly stressful life period:

  1. If it’s broken and you haven’t attempted to repair it in 6 months, you won’t fix it – get rid of it.  It’s trash.
  2. If it’s not broken, but you haven’t used it in a year and you’ve hit all the seasons, you either don’t like it, can’t wear it or have no use for it. – donate it.
  3. If you can use it, put it in a proper place.- now.
  4. If you don’t have a place for it, then you have too much stuff. – donate it.
  5. Once you’ve reached your current space limit and acquire something new, you must use rule 4 for something you already own.

I really do try to live by this, though it is very easy to slip into complacency and return to being a pack rat.

So, after rounding up all the books and the yarn I spent the last two days entering it all into my Ravelry. library, selecting certain patterns for my queue (things to make)  and entering all yarns into the Ravelry stash. Then I put them all away. The books could still be better sorted on the shelves, but that is for another day.

Happy Knitting!