Mariners respond to Centerplate CEO’s animal cruelty incident

I’m glad there was some action taken on this.

From the Corner of Edgar & Dave

There are lots of animal lovers who work here at the Seattle Mariners and we were as outraged as everyone else at the video that shows the CEO of Centerplate abusing a dog.

Centerplate is an international corporation that provides concessions services here at Safeco Field and hundreds of other venues in the U.S.

When the video came to light, we communicated directly to Centerplate our concerns over Des Hague’s behavior (he’s their CEO), and that we expected them to take all appropriate disciplinary action.

Yesterday, the Centerplate Board of Directors announced their penalties for Hague (you can read the full statement from the Board here). In short, as a condition of his continued employment, Hague was ordered to make a personal donation of $100,000 to create a foundation, in honor of the dog that was mistreated, to support the protection and safety of animals in the city of…

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