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Needles and Pins

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, not because things have been uneventful, but because they’ve been eventful. Sometimes you need to ride the waves. MS (multiple sclerosis) can truly be a pain in the arse. Just sayin’. To keep … Continue reading

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Living in the Pacific Northwest

Today was so much cooler, which is great because yesterday was an oven.  If you don’t have air conditioning, which not even a lot of restaurants here have, anything above 80 starts to wear. We took the dogs to the … Continue reading

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Travel on my Wheels a while

Diane, a friend I’ve mentioned before, posted a few pictures of her sojourns around Seattle.  I was shocked at some of the situations she and her wheels found themselves in.  Just the simple task of taking a walk around the … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis

A friend of mine writes a wonderful blog called A Stellar Life. A recent post on her blog (titled The Perfect Crime) was humorous and it really shines a light on the frustration and craziness that is MS. I’ve recently been concerned that … Continue reading

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Gummie Bears are my friends

After 41 years of smoking, on April 5th, I quit. This was done dragging my feet, kicking and screaming.  So, what brought about this miraculous change of heart?  High blood pressure, Multiple Sclerosis and my slowing worsening vision. Because of … Continue reading

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