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We do love our pets

Every one is unique

Every dog seems to have their own little quirks and I do love my Labs.  Since we had an unusual heat streak here, I broke down two days before the mind-zapping heat ended and bought them their own little kiddie … Continue reading

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Like a child’s temper tantrum

It’s amazing that my last entry was on child proofing and I’m having a bigger problem with one of dogs than I ever did with my child or grandchild.  Molly has developed “issues” (like she didn’t already have enough of … Continue reading

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Lazy Girl Tube Snuggle Pattern

  This snuggle pattern creates a doubled layer 14 x 14 pet bedding pad with a stockinette stitch center and a ribbed border.  It starts as a tube which is then folded flat and sewn or crocheted at the top … Continue reading

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